Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend warriors!


Leatherpigboy said...

You have me ready for the weekend now Koba!

Ray's Cowboy said...

I want to have a weekend with you Koba and then maybe some of these HOT Men. Damn, these Men are HOT.


Stan said...

love these furry warriors!

karl said...

Nothing better than a hairy-assed man taking a piss...

Anonymous said...

That first pic got me. Good.

axiom2001 said...

#1 "Yummy!"

#3 "Seal the deal with recycled water!"

#5 "This is just the preliminary!"

#8 Hot and very hard Arpad in all of his glory!

#9 "Mr. Atlas-- I am ready to receive all of you!"

#10 "You pass the test!" "I do hope you're a 'grower!'"

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