Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Hotness!


Ray's Cowboy said...

1,3,5,7 are MINE. Koba I wished you would show your bloggers how HOT you are and mbetter looking than all of these Men. But if you did you might have to fight all of us off with a stick , for we would be on your front door waiting to service you.


Leatherpigboy said...

2 and 3 are wow!! Koba you have out done yourself again!

Stan said...

I would hope that first dude was getting ready to fuck me!

axiom2001 said...

Damn! This is some "HOTNESS!" All ten pics receive the prize!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

#1 Care to share?

#2 Pen me against a wall, and I'd be all yours!

#3 "Feed me!" "Plug me---hard and long!"

#4 Let me trade places with that cute bottom!

#5 I want to taste both of you/anally and orally!!

#7 You have what I need!!

#10 This stud has exactly what I need--big time!!

karl said...

Superb men as ever; its getting late here, with these men Im not so sure Ill sleep tonight!