Friday, May 6, 2011

More Reader Pics!

Hey dudes! Here's another hot reader submission to kick-start your weekend! Dude sent in 2 pics, but for the life of me, I can get only one to load. :( In any case, our man is 19 years old and is from the USA. He's got a big thick cut cock and what looks like the makings of a terrific bush! And, as he's 19, he probably walks around in this state most of the day! Thanks very much, dude, for sending in the pics, and please don't hesitate to drop a few more our way. I WILL keep trying to upload the other pic! Cheers!

As always, please show your appreciation in the Comments section and send in your very own hot pics (or vids) to KOBAPHOTOS@GMAIL.COM


karl said...

Ive got a remote control just like that!
[wish I had the cock to go with it, ''sigh''].
wishing you good feelings for tomorrow, Koba, on your first Mothers Day since, you know...
hope youll be okay anyway.

Koba said...

Thank you, Karl. It's very sweet of you to remember...
It will be fine. Her daffodils are blooming in the garden, the orchid she had my partner buy me for my last birthday is in full bloom, and I can sense that she is never too far away... Now if I could just convince her to somehow convey to me the winning numbers for tonights's lotto!

Jack said...

Nice and thick, I like.

Ray's Cowboy said...

I will take it. and take care of it.

Very HOT and suckable. Please send him over to me.