Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank God it's FRIDAY!!


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Leatherpigboy said...

That last one needs to be in my mouth or ass!!

Walt said...

Re #2;

What is it about barns that brings cocks out into the open? I ride a lot and every stable boy I run into is willing to drop his pants -- which makes me want to ride even more.

Ralph said...

Thank God it's FRIDAY! and I thank Koba for sharing the pictures of these guys, especially the ones in 1, 5, and 10.

Stan said...

I guess those barns bring out the real animal in us pigs!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Thank Goodness it is Friday. I want the last one as well along with 1 and 3. The last one is fucking HOT.


Anonymous said...

Right now I am such a horny slut that I'd like to take on "all" of these hot men and their big hard dicks. I am desperately in need of a hard and hot gang bang, a fuckfest!

I'd like for all of them to serve me with their dicks by plunging my mouth in a deep throating session, giving me my first piss baptismal, allowing me to lick and rim their hard hot asses--opening and licking-- giving lots of sloppy, wet deep kissing, sharing spit swaps (a first for me), and topping off all of this "pig stuff" by filling my ass with their big, hard bones and leaving me with a lot of satisfsaction and hot memories!!!!!

Koba said...

I definitely know what you mean about barns, Walt!

You're welcome, Ralph! I aim to please!

And Anon! Get thyself fucked right away! ;-)

karl said...

I fancy Leo Giamani..he is


TornJeans said...

Well Fuck let the weekend begin!

Anonymous said...

That last young guy--what a great fat meaty dick he's got and what a beautiful pair of well-filled balls! I'd love to see that prick of his hard and taste what he's got stored in those big balls. He's a cocksucker's dream come true!