Saturday, October 26, 2019


Programming note: Cock of the Block will be getting started a little later than usual tomorrow - sometime in the early afternoon my time.


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) The crowd will go wild when they see this fine athlete totally bare-assed for the game.

#2) Go for your run, then come back and show me that hairy pit.

#3) I think they are going to get along JUST fine:)

#4) Don't you worry, that lad will be giving you "full service" in a few seconds!!

#5) "Ok, Ok, you caught me coming out of Scott's apt, now I believe it when he says he'll do you from head to toe."

#6) Ah now that dude know's how to lick a nip:)

#7) A nice weekend massage:)

#8) Heck ya, you can show me a little thigh anytime!

#9) Now that's a mouth watering cock:) Love to taste that sweet nectar.

#10) Buddy, a job well done, if I say so myself!

Thanks Koba

Bruce Jensen said...

Being a sucker for a beefy hairy chest I could make a meal out of that gorgeous Mr 6.