Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday Hotness!


bignate said...

Thursday may now be my new favorite day of the week!

Pelota3 said...

Oh number 3, I think I saw a short clip of you cumming... if it's you, I really like to suck and enjoy that juicy piece of meat!!!

Koba said...

Thanks, bignate! and I'm definitely with you Pelota3! Handsome dude with a beautiful cock!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness is right Koba!!

#1) Big boy, invite me in your bed, and I'll make sure that I'll get your cock pointing North due North.

#2) Hey you tattooed bathing beauty, you want me to scrub your back for ya???:):)

#3) All you need now big guy, is for my to come over and get my mouth on it. I promise after I'm done, it will go down!!

#4) It's a win-win situation here. Well that's if you love sucking cock, and haven't met a guy yet that doesn't like his cocked sucked!!!

#5) Woof, these smiling cuties are just to damn sweet to resist. Yup, I'm talking about head to toe.

#6) That is one delicious cock on this handsome young man.

#7) Ah, com-on dude, share some of that masculinity with me. Man, you are one fine looking gentleman. Just beautiful indeed.

#8) Well young men, stop looking at the Apple, and start playing with each other's BANANA's!!

#9) Now this hairy dude, knows what I like. He already has his toes spread apart for me. Oh yeah I'll do ya, from toe to head:)

#10) That a boy, now just take your T off, roll it up in a ball, and take a nice nap. You deserve it, after that draining.

Thanks Koba

Michehot said...