Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday Ramifications


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications today Koba!!

#1) This young man with the moon shaped butt, likes to take it up his "pucker":)

#2) Wow, if I was in the back seat with this Thick donged dude, I would be between his legs in no time. Sweet mercy me!!

#3) Another wow for this hairy long legged dude. Oh man, put them over my shoulders, PLEASE!!!

#4,a,b) I certainly wouldn't mind swimming downstream and seeing this heavenly sight:)

#5) LMAO.. love for this to be a "caption this photo". Honestly I would have no idea what the caption would be yet. I do love those thick thighs and beefy butt on the jock standing. The one on his knees likes something he sees.

#6) Cracked window or not, please take me in the back seat and have your way with me. Woof!!!!

#7) Filled to the brim with that thick cock, and he's loving it:)

#8) Heck ya, I'm with you buddy. I love to slid my hand in from the other side.

#9) Oh buddy, if you like it up the "pucker", your in for a treat:):)

#10) Now that's a true bottom. His button getting hit after hit, and he can't help but jerk off a nice "nut" for himself.

Thanks Koba

Cy said...

Pic. #8. Why does the fucker look like he's the one getting it? Why that painful face.???

Anonymous said...

Com-on Cy, the dude is "nutting" out in that dude's hole. I've seen plenty of male faces like that. He might like like he's in pain, but trust me he's not. LOL!!!!!

Bruce Jensen said...

I have seen the same expression on my husband's face....when I clamp down on his cock while he nuts in my ass.
(Bruce's happy cum dump)