Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great, "Happy Hump Day" posting Koba!!

#1) I would have loved to have attended this ballsy affair:)

#2) Hey handsome tattooed dude, let him out, he's going to burst in those tight Calvins!!

#3) Ah, a "cocksuckers" dream come true:)

#4) Hot, hairy, ripe pit, heck I'm sold:)

#5) How can anyone resist this little cutie? Hey pug-nosed young man, lets get up on your bed:)

#6) "Yup his name is Scott, and I met him here everyday, trust me he'll do you next".

#7) Woof, Powerful chest, and those beautiful eyes:)

#8) I have a feeling these hot sweaty teammates won their game. Hopefully after a few more beers they will be celebrating in another kind of manly way:) I'd love to be celebrating with them.

#9) The cock never lies, these two are going to be friends:)

#10) I'd would jerk off just seeing this dude get off. Holy Cow, got milk????:):)

Thanks Koba