Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tuesday ramifications...


Henri said...

What a beautiful photos of these boys kissing,touching their cocks, showing us their penis and fucking. Wonderful!!.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications posting Koba.

#1) "Buddy, I told you, baby steps for me, maybe the next time, I'll suck it for ya. Actually I can't believe I went this far."

#2) One horny bottom!

#3) Loving this view from below, looking up:)

#4) Wouldn't mind one bit, getting close and personal with handsome's sweaty pits:)

#5) Nice looking otter, out for a walk in the woods. Love to get on that nice cock and balls of his.

#6) Big boy is "spent" after I sucked a "nut" out of him!!

#7) Don't be so fast handsome with the those "up" sign, until he actually gives you a nice "hummer":)

#8) Ah, the kiss, it's so universal:)

#9) Ships Ahoy,let me between those great legs of yours and give me some of your seamen:) Woof

#10) Doesn't matter when, where or WHY!! This dude needed a release.

Thanks Koba

Tony60416 said...

#4 And #6, hot pit pics!!! Still getting used to new bifocals, but I can see that!!!