Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reader Submission!

A real beaute, eh! He sprung a boner while brushing his teeth! Thanks man, and as always, don't hesitate to shoot a few more our way!


Anonymous said...

No, I think he ran out of toothpaste, and he's going to make his own..

That was bad, sorry guys in a silly mood.

In all seriousness, nice cock dude.

TornJeans said...

Well the sperm makes good teeth whitener, Anon!
I've seen some guys rub the cum on their teeth!
LOL! My turn to be silly!

Anonymous said...

All laughing aside, nice hook on that cock!!!!

karl said...

he can brush is teeth while I suck him off - that will do MY fillings!

Anonymous said...

Hell I have a dentist app for a cleaning tomororw, heck I'm going to cancel.

I am just going to call my buddy to come over, I'll get him to nut in my mouth (don't have to twist his, and before I swallow I am going to brush.

LMAO.... Kill two birds with one stone.. 1) I love giving head 2) I"ll have whiter teeth.

I hope my buddy is around, If I jerk off myself and not horny anymore, I don't like the taste.