Friday, November 1, 2013



Anonymous said...

Two words..

F--k ya,

Well another two words:

Thanks Koba

Ps: How the hell are you taking pics of me in the locker room???:)

Upton King said...

Very hot. Love a nasty ass jock sniffer. Me? Back in high school, I used to sneak into the locker room and try on all the jocks until I blew my load. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Anonymous said...

OH yeah, we men are dogs, we have to pick up the "scent", and, well you know what happens next, our gooey s--t is going to land someplace.

Anonymous said...

I know I hit the jackpot, when the dude I've been eyeing at the gym (discreetly of course) undresses, leaves his clothes on the floor, heads to the showers. I then go in for the "kill" sniff anything that has his sweaty male scent. If I am fortunate enough I can catch my "nut" before he comes back.

Sorry Koba for the short novel. but when you show pics like that, I go a little bonkers..