Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Hotness!


O!Daddie now at said...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Koba,

Nice way to start off Thursday, that is one Hot looking cock.

Time for some breakfast sausage:)

Pic# 2

Anonymous said...

Damn! #2 two is just too hot with that skin and abundant bush!

Anonymous said...

Scott says,

With those long legs spread, one finger up your pucker, and a vice grip on your cockhead, that's one way to start the morning "off" Pic#1

Stan said...

2 would make for a hardy breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Stan, If you need cream for your coffee, there's a batch being made right now in pic #8..

karl said...

up my pucker you big hairy fucker
Im one proud cocksucker!

Anonymous said...

LOL....LOL....Lol..... Karl at 4:36pm..

Let's see if I can try one.... for pic# 9

Oh yes dude, that's some fine head
I am so glad you ended up in my bed

Wow, you really going right to town
I love how your go up and down

Now get ready I am about to blast
Man, oh man, I wish I could last..

Anonymous said...

"Holy Jawbreaker Batman, that dude is sucking on a Whopper"!!!!


Anonymous said...

I find the dude in Pic# 1 so attractive, nice smile, and ah, that nice piece of meat between his legs, helps too..hehehehe