Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Reader Pics!

Hey dudes! Hope you all are having a good Ass Wednesday (as opposed to a bad Ass Wednesday!) I've got a new reader submission for your viewing pleasure! Dude is 38 years old and is from France. He's got a beautiful uncut cock and plump suckable balls! Very suckable everything in fact! Je te remercie beaucoup, bö mec! N'hésiter surtout pas à envoyer d'autres! As always, please show your appreciation in the Comments Section and send in your very own hot photos to KOBAPHOTOS@GMAIL.COM


Anonymous said...

O.k. Koba you asked for a comment.

I love cock, I love uncut cock, I love cut cock, I love small, medium, large cock, I love suckable plump balls attached to the cocks. I love the white gooey stuff, that spurts out of a cock when it's excited.

So that means I like every pic you posted this evening,.

Thanks Koba

Ps: I am a cock pig (and believe you me, that's not a bad thing at all:):):)

Anonymous said...

Opps, I forgouht one, I love THICK COCKS.. So Cock number 2 is going to be my dinner for tonight.

Oh it's all the same cock, hmm, I love it.... Merci beaucoup:):) to the hot owner of this prime piece of meat..

Whew, sorry dudes for taking "up" so much time.


Anonymous said...

oh, wow. do i need to beg?


Upton King said...

Ah, some real beauties in this bunch. But I would have to interview them one-on-one, in the flesh... to determine a winner! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Stan said...

would love to suck on it coming out of those jeans! Droool!

Anonymous said...

this is so hot!!! would love to kneel in front of this French Adonis right now and feel his piss shooting in my mouth while I suck him :-P