Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Reader Pics!

Hey guys! Hope you are having a great weekend thus far! I've got another hot reader submission for your viewing pleasure! Dude is from South Africa and he's got a great uncut piece of meat! Great foreskin, big fat cock, and plump suckable balls! What more could you ask for? Thanks very much for sending these in, my friend!

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cum.lover said...

Pray tell the South Africa dude that
> his pics are yummy
> his camera work is cool especially that showing his face

Does he have any showing more of his cum?

TornJeans said...

Very hot! Nice rolling hot foreskin! Thank you for sharing

cum.lover said...

"rolling foreskin" is a brand-new (for me) way to express it, & I love it! Thanks to TornJeans!