Saturday, January 18, 2020



Butch 57 said...

Happy weekend sexy photos.

lftcsterik9 said...

#10 is a classic treasure trail with a great shag and a perfect cock. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Now that's what I call one mighty "hogger". Very thick, meaty, and a nice loose ball sack. It would be an honer to chow down on that prime piece of meat.

#2) I've been seeing more and more men, that love to play with their nips!! Oh and I'm one of them.

#3) I'll take you up on that open invitation young man.

#4) You lucky bastard you.

#5) Now that's the kind of black and blue bruiser that I like to see:)

#6) Driving and tugging on your Dick, heck I see nothing wrong with that. Just don't let the sticky goo, hit your windshield.

#7) First the sniff nips, then I'll take care of your beautiful cock young man.

#8) F--k, kiss me on my neck, and I'll spread my legs for ya!!

#9) Someone's hard and horny, showing us his pit today.

#10) I've been in that position, plenty of times in the showers.

Thanks Koba

Bruce Jensen said...

The guy reaching around in photo 8 is channeling my husband. Bryn kisses and nibbles my neck while giving my nipple a tweak. Usually followed by caressing my chest. By the time he gets to my dick he can do anything he wants to me....

Koba said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!!