Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy Hump Day - New Years Day Edition!


Butch 57 said...

Hit post to start the new year!

Michehot said...

Hot Post! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy New Year to one and all!!! Wow, great Happy Hump Day posting Koba, to start off the new year.

#1) Oh my, now this young man is yearning for a cock up his "pucker" to start the new year off with a bang.

#2,3) F-ck ya, I wish I was invited to this "no pants party"!! I'm going to one tonight, but it has to be inside, or we would freeze our nuts off. Yikes!!

#4) Yummy, but dude, I'm taking those tight underwear off of you. I don't want anything in my way, when I do you from toe to head:):)

#5) Oh young man, I will be doing the same thing your doing right now, tonight. I love sucking a cock or two, or three.. Stop Scott, they get what your drift.

#6) Hey sunshine cutie, that looks like a nice piece of hanging bologna you have hanging between your legs.

#7) Do like seeing a warm hairy pit, on this cold day in New England.

#8) Loving all your hairy palaces, and those are some nice nuts you have:)

#9) I'm a "sucker" for a man in a traditional tux. I would be more than happy to nibble on your nips, and then suck a nut out of you.

#10) Now this muscled young man, knows how to take "matters" into his own hands. Nice way to start off the new year.

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks guys and Happy New Year!