Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Happy Hump Day posting Koba!!

#1) Looking good buddy boy, nice bi's and nice eyes!

#2) Woof, hairy in ALL the right places!!

#3a,b) I do like me a Big Beach Boy with a Beautiful cock and Balls:)

#4) Hey Smiley, I hope you like having your toes licked.

#5) What's not to like???? Woof,

#6) Lucky Bastard, I didn't even get to get on one today.

#7) Mighty man with a mighty chest:)

#8) Heck, I don't see anything wrong with getting a whiff of your own pit:)

#9) Oh indeed, two happy men:)

#10) What a relief it is, to get to goo out.

Thanks Koba

Bruce Jensen said...

Hump Days are great. Around our house any day that ends in a "y" can become Hump Day.😉