Friday, January 3, 2020

Thank God it's Friday!


bignate said...

Looking forward to the weekend!

Butch 57 said...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific TGIF posting Koba!!

#1) Someone is happy to be looking at some cheeky cheeks:)

#2) Woof, I'd love to be grabbing his other beefy hairy cheek!!

#3) Ok big boy, looks like your ready, I'll be on my knees in no time.

#4) That a boy, enjoy that cock.

#5) Hey handsome, hairy and bulges in all the right places.

#6) I'll lick your pits and nibble your nips, IF you get that bald head of yours between my legs and lick my balls!!

#7) Oh my, wouldn't mind seeing all of that lower tat. Everything looks great above.

#8) Looks like a fun event. Very interesting tat work boys.

#9) Wow, I would love to sample that drop of sweet nectar.

#10) Now swallow young man, there's plenty of protein in that shake that was made for you.

Thanks Koba.