Saturday, July 8, 2017



Koba said...

Isn't the guy taking the photo in No. 8 Gus Kenworthy?

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba:)

#1) Hell ya, thumbs up, anytime you have a man in bed with you:):):)

#2) So, are you going to invite my over for a cup of coffee and one of those delicious looking muffins????:):):):):)

#3) Oh handsome, there's nothing more to think about, I'll be over to lift your "spirits" even better:):)

#4) Don't give us that dumbfounded look buddy-boy, yes you actually have to put your mouth on it, for it to be considered a BJ. Now get to it, cutie:):):):)

#5) ON my goodness I must be a leg and foot man, I noticed them first, before his delicious cock:):):)

#6) Oh my, the young handsome lad is very thirsty!!!

#7) Woof, love seeing the boys kiss:)

#8) OH my, I always love seeing this pic. Would love to be in that bedroom with them.. Koba he's definitely a cutie, what a smile. But honestly buddy, I will have to goggle Gus Kenworthy, I ashamed to tell you, I don't know him.

#9) Hey hungry handsome young man, while you find something to eat, can I chow down on your hogger:):)

#10) Yummy, I love black and white photo's...SWEET:):):)

Thanks Koba, and I hope someone helps you out, and tells you who that handsome capped dude is, in pic #8