Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Very Happy Hump Day posting Koba!!

#1) F--k ya, there's a "sex party" that I attend when I get a chance, and this is exactly what goes down or should I say "up":):) Men just having a GREAT time.

#2) Would I love to kiss this blond cutie, and then service his cock and ample balls:)

#3) Love to nibble on that nice nip:)

#4) Never fails, I always get a stirring in my pants, when I see a men's hairy legs up in the air to take it:):) Might I add, some pretty big feet to.

#5) Oh hairy handsome dude, let me share your coach with you. I promise I'll put a smile on your face, well that's if you like your cock sucked. Oh yeah, I can do just more than that, just tell me what you like.

#6) Hump Day, always goes by a little faster, when I have cock in my mouth:)

#7) OH Big Boy, I love to scrub your back:):):) Woof..

#8) Sweet a "passion piss":) Oh, and that reminds me, I have to hit the Dairy Queen for a foot-long:)

#9) Oh yes, definitely one of the boys has other "intentions":):)

#10) JUST Beautiful, yes I'll say it again, JUST BEAUTIFUL:):):):)

Thanks Koba