Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekend Warriors!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekend Warriors Koba!!

#1) WOW, hot looking dude, with a nice THICK blue basket:) Is it Easter time already????:):):):):) Man would I love to see that cock:)

#2) Two "heads" hanging low. Love to make them both happy, when he comes into the locker room:):)

#3) LOL... I'd be a silly little "cheerleader" to, if I was watching this boxer brief bull butt get weighed in:):):)

#4) I'm green with envy, looking at this jock's cocks:)

#5) That the same face you'll be making when I swallow you man-goo in the locker room after the match AND before your shower:):):)

#6) What a little cutie, with a fine piece of meat. I bet it can't wait to be let out of those tight racing shorts:)

#7) That's one might fine looking water fountain:)

#8) Sweet, take a good look at that jocks fine hot crossed buns:)

#9) Lucky bastard.. NOW GET TO WORK:):):)

#10) OH MY, I wish I seen how he earned that thick protein shake:):):)

Thanks Koba!