Friday, July 21, 2017

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

One, VERY HOT TGIF posting Koba!!

#1) Holy F-ck, this "gang shower" puts the one at my gym to shame. This one looks like it can fit many more of the male species:):):):):) Please Koba show more pics like this..LOL... (that's LOTS OF LOVE)

#2) Oh my the heavenly sights you see wandering around in the gym galaxy:):)

#3) Buddy you got the front end, I'll take the back:):)

#4) Isn't it nice making new friends:):):)

#5) Oh serious handsome dude, let me put a smile on your face:)

#6) YOU MADE MY DAY KOBA!!!! Just like this dude, I like to get my tongue right in there. Hot, very hot!!!

#7) That a boy, take the wet trunks All the way down.. PLEASE:):)

#8) Oh my, someone's going to pull out a nice "sugarplum":):):)

#9) Now I what in, on those kind of "watersports":):)

#10) SWEET.. The big boy got Man-gooed:):):) Seems like he doesn't mind it one bit at all:):)

Thanks Koba