Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


Mark Greene said...

#2 the Auburn tone of his crotch is amazing. especially the way it over powers his drawers. very erotic . #3 I think it all comes down to the fur on this guys chest that gets the juices flowing. nice. #5 no explanation needed!

The Male Casting Couch

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Tremendous Thursday post Koba

#1) Rub a dub dub, let me in that hunky hairy tub:):)

#2) Ah now that's a man. A hot "treasure trail" that brings us to his full hairy bush:):)

#3) F--k what a tease:) Let me tweak that sweet nip:):)

#4) OH hell young man, while you crank your shaft, let me lick those fine looking eggs of yours:)

#5) OH yes, indeed, open wide, for your about to enjoy a FEAST:)

#6) Yes lick it, admire it, stroke it, because that is one fine piece of man-meat:)

#7) F--k ya, hot GH's you gotta love them, well I do anyways:)

#8) Holy F--k, I know I am supposed to be looking at that fine cock, but let me in that hairy pit:)

#9) Ah heck, I want to fall in love this Summer:) nice pic

#10) Now that's what I call getting "creamed":):):):) LUCKY BASTARD

Thanks Koba