Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to the Grind...

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Scott said...

Marvelous Monday post Koba!!

#1) OH yes, a little peek into the gym showers, and someone trying to "catch his nut":) I HAVE SEEN IT DONE, and I HAVE DONE IT TO:)

#2) I love the men's locker room, you can just let it all "hang" out, and that uncut cock is a beauty, and the proud owner is a good looking manly beast himself:)

#3) F--k, this little gem is giving me a nice "chub".. Very discreet head:):) you have to love it. What a nice thick Cock:)


#5) F--k ya, that employee is doing a great job for his boss. He will be well rewarded with a raise.

#6) Wow, that is certainly a well dressed man:):)

#7) Hey sometimes you just have to let him out to breathe:)

#8) Wow, now these business men, know how to get down to BUSINESS:):)

#9) Ah, a cutie, showing us his meat:)

#10) Nothing quite like a "cock inspection":):)

Thanks Koba