Friday, June 12, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba!!

1) Yes boys and boys if your into men, and like working out at the gym, the communal shower is the reward after your workout:):)

#2) I have sucked my share of cock at my gym, but NEVER was I treated to a dude that could suck his own:)

#3) Hey handsome blue eyed young man, get on that man-meat, before he changes his mind:)

#4) Heck he could feed the whole team with that slab of beef:)

#5) Love to suck his nice uncut cock, before he puts his boxers on:)

#6) Hey handsome hairy chested and tummy dude, let me make that cock point north dud north:)

#7) Would I love to join that beautiful long legged hairy dude in that cozy hammock:)

#8) F-ck ya, watch him enjoy that nice thick slab of dark meat:)

#9) OH my, do I see some SWEET NECTAR of the gods, coming form that young man's uncuct cock:)

#10) I JUST love being in the MIDDLE of a Bukake:):):)

Thanks Koba