Friday, June 5, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!


Unknown said...

That last shot has me laying down with my mouth open in anticipation 👅

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba

#1) Ah, lovers, what a great pic:)

#2) On a hot, humid day in August, I want to bury my nose in those pits:)

#3) Wow, you could drill for oil in the sand, using his "drill"

#4) Love to get on red head's wet cock:)

#5) Dark meat, it does a body good:)

#6) Hey you have to entertain yourself some way, while your wait for you flight:)

#7) Oh yeah, nothing like smelling and tasting "pigs in a blanket":)

#8) Nice, playing with yourself and getting a drink at the same time:)

#9) I suddenly got the urge to chow down on a chocolate covered BANANA:)

#10) Ah, sweet nectar of the gods:):)

Thanks Koba