Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Ahh the delicious flavor of that golden vintage in #4, not to mention the thick cream in #10

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Oh Koba, you know how to warm the cockles of my heart:):) Hot post today.. on this snowy Spring day in New England.

#1) There he is, my boy, Gentle Ben, wow would I just love to kiss him. What a nice shower pose for us lucky guys into guys:)

#2) OH yeah, spread those hairy legs of yours and let the "cocksucker" get the job done, that he's enjoying:)

#3) Now who could resist a beautiful smile like that:)

#4) Hey If that's your "cup of tea" go for it!!

#5) Hey Ginger snap, I'll help you "up" anytime:)

#6) I do like me a hairy masculine man with a boner showing:)

#7) Yikes, again, but if it's you "cup of tea", and makes you catch your nut, go for it!!!

#8) Wow, he's a "winner" in my book too:):)

#9) Now, that kind of "Happy Meal" you can't get down McDonalds:):)

#10) OH yes, indeed, you just made him very happy.. nice nut:)

Thanks Koba

Axiom2001 said...

...would like to spend this weekend and next
with the guys in photos 2, 4, 6, 9, and 10.
That's six days; so I could reap lots of sexual

Anonymous said...

1-is so hot!great body great hair! #2 i'd love to have him over for a weekend (each weekend!)god he has a beautiful cock and love his hairy legs;0....and love that dick in the white unders;0.... he's real hot and i'd love to be the one to pull those down for him and suck him off;0...