Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Ramifications!


Anonymous said...

looks like your feeling better? great cock in ass and piss shots!! looks like a good number of ass to mouth cock sucking can be done here;0.... i want them all to myself ;0.............

Anonymous said...

my pick? #1 cock and hole in my mouth

Unknown said...

Tues.- Wed. Etc. I will take any or all (as the Beatles said ) Eight Days A Week 😁

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Koba, some nice "connections" going on here on this ST. Paddy's Day (Night)":)

#1) Great Ass being plowed by some Big Balls:)

#2) Wow, that's one way to clean a dude's man-hole:)

#3) Holy f-ck, would I love to be taking in those sights and smells in that locker room:)

#4) OH my, I like that peek a poo of that dudes elephant's trunk:)

#5) While he's doing the deed, I'd love to be licking those hairy balls:)

#6) Hell ya, boys have a good time in the great outdoors:)

#7) Nice hairy hole to sink your cock in:)

#8) Looks simply delicious, SWEATY Jocks and hairy holes:)

#9) Oh yes, spread those hairy cheeks for a great "connection":)

#10) OHHHH, MY, never seen that kind of contraption, but heck it looks like it's getting the job done for this dude:)

Thanks Koba..