Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Oh my a very Hot Thursday post on this very cold day in March. Great job Koba.

#1) I hope that dude is pointing that rugged dude to my apt, I do like me a sweaty working guy, with nice arms:)

#2) OH buddy boy, you don't have to hold that cocksucker's head that hard, he's not going anyplace till the deed is done:)

#3) Hell, love to get a whiff of that pit, before I work my way done to that fine cock:)

#4) Ah, jocks, having some bad boy fun:)

#5) Woof, love those hairy forearms, and love to get on that nice slab of uncut curved meat of his:)

#6) OMG... I do love me a beefy hairy dude.. Oh yes, I would do him from head to toe.. that's if he doesn't kill me with those huge thighs:):)

#7) Man, this young man works very hard for abs like that.. what a little cutie:)

#8) Nice, I could definitely go for this manly ginger snap:)

#9) OH yes, that cocksucker is doing a fine job on that thick slab of man meat:)

#10) Now that's a gentlemen, not wanting to glue his buddy eyes shut with his huge load of man-goo:)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

i'd love to smell and suck off these beauties'0.....

Roger said...

What if #10 were actually only one of triplets -- or even quadruplets or quintuplets, for that matter! Imagine a whole series of super-thick cum-loaded cocks to suck in one long session!