Monday, March 16, 2015

Back to the grind (sort of)

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. Still feeling like crap. Hopefully will get back onto regular schedule tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Holy Cow, Koba your not feeling well, and you still give us a very HOT post like this. Dude your awesome:)

#1) This shower dude might be washing the sweat off him, but he reeks of pure masculinity:)

#2) Nice, a well dressed man with a very nice appendage:)

#3) Beautiful dark bush, love to see lower:)

#4) I do like me a BEEFY dude..:):):) Look at those thighs:)

#5) OK guys don't get mad at me, but heck it's my comment... I like this big "STRAIGHT" Dude, tugging at his meat) (Yes I have a thing for straight guys):)

#6) OH yeah, enjoy your coffee, well I take care of your hairy legs and fine looking toes:):)

#7) Hell yes, just enough opening in those long johns for me to stick my tongue in your musky hole:)

#8) I love watching a dude suck another dude off:):):) SQUIRT:)

#9) Wow, lucky Bastard, on that thick cock and hopefully he'll got on those FAT BALLS:):)

#10) Now there's a Happy Worker:)

Thanks Koba, and get better, hope your balls are not aching to much .

Anonymous said...

ill take the baby batter out of #2 hot big dick and the 2nd from last i'd take his baby batter from his beautiful cock right after i suck those big balls and suck behind them for some taint;)/..... ;0.......