Friday, February 23, 2018

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific, TGIF, posting Koba

#1) Wow, I hope to see this big boy in the gym showers tomorrow:)

#2) And this hottie in the locker room. That is one nice dark bush:)

#3) F-ck ya, that cocksucker knows what he's doing:)

#4) All good clean fun, the boys are having:)

#5) Love to blow these dudes, while there looking at whatever their looking at:)

#6) Oh yeah, with those great legs going so fast, no wonder his meat is going to and fro:)

#7) Yup, a couple of drinks and boys will be boys:)

#8) LOVING this Ginger fantastic uncut cock..

#9) Hot, very hot..Strong dude, getting some hot anonymous quick head. He'll fill that cocksucker's mouth full of his seed:)

#10) LMAO... Now how is this possible? The dude, is whacking his meat, and nutting, all over the freaking place right on the Main st.

Thanks Koba