Monday, February 26, 2018

Back to the Grind...


Anonymous said...

Kobe -- please send a link to the origin of #10. So fucking hot!

Anonymous said...

9 is my dream cock!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great back to the grind posting!!

#1) Wow, that tall dude, how a long string bean:)

#2) Yes, these kind of heavenly sights are seen in the men's locker room everyday and night:):):) ONE of the "bennies" of being gay:)

#3) Hey well dressed handsome business man, let me take care of that problem that suddenly popped up:)

#4) Freaking Woof, don't know what your job is. But I know what my job is, it's to taking that cock of yours in my mouth, and let you nut in it:)

#5) Hot hairy studs, going at it, on their coffee break:)

#6) Don't worry , I'll said I'd be over in 15 mints, and I will be. Now sip on your drink, and think of me draining your cock:)

#7) Oh my, broad shoulder well dressed man, likes to take it up his hot ass:)

#8) Show off... YOU LUCKY BASTARD YOU:):):)

#9) Very handsome men, WITH one fantastic cock:):):) Men would I love to service that!!!!

#10) Now this hot action, will be worth the cleaning bill:)

Thanks Koba