Friday, October 28, 2016

Thank God It's Friday!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great TGIG post Koba!! BTW Koba, the boys must be having a blast in Ogunquit, and down in P-Town, Halloween weekend, is bigger than Christmas for us:):):)

#1) Heck, I'm with you guys, better to hold on to a wet cock, than a bar of slippery soap, in the gym showers:):)

#2) I have no problem with this dudes work out gear, hell I'd love to see that meat flop around, when he's on the treadmill:)

#3) OH handsome long-legged dude, drop the towel, we love it all.. small, medium, large, cut or uncut)):):) I see all kinds in the locker room.. And YES, I do discreetly take a gander or two:):0

#4) I suddenly got the urge to chow down on a chocolate covered BANANA:)

#5) It's in his kiss:):)

#6) Never mind looking at us, you lucky Bastard, chow down on that fine piece of meat:)

#7) Great body, HUGE Schlong:):)

#8) Heck, handsome likes to drink from the tap, to each his own:)

#9) Wow, those strong forearms, will definitely crank out a nut, of course a finger near the taint, doesn't hurt either:)

#10) That a boy handsome, take it that protein:)

Thanks Koba