Friday, May 16, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Things to do today

1) Hit the gym, Pic#1 (if you need me to explain, your gym doesn't have a gang shower).lol.

2) Get a good look at a hairy beast working out, in the locker room, or in the showers. Pic#2

3) Find a jerk-off buddy or two or three. Pic#3

4)suck some cock, and then suck some more. Pics,3,5,and 9

5) Get a protein shake into me. Last pic

Thanks Koba

Rick Jeans said...

I like how Scott thinks.
Have a great long weekend, Koba

Anonymous said...

"Holy blue shorts Batman, I hope his friend takes care of his buddy's bluse balls." Pic#5

tonyitalian1951 said...

I love the last picture. What a download of cum!!!