Monday, May 19, 2014

Back to the grind or Holiday Monday

Thanks for all your good wishes, guys! My back is a little bit better today (I think). Thankfully today is a holiday here in Canada and I was able to sleep in.


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Rest up buddy, and you'll be feeling better each day.

Pic#5 is doing it for me today, always nice to see a nice mushroom head thru a pair of sweatpants.

Have to mention Pic#1, always love the gym showers pic's, and you always come thru for us Koba.

Thanks buddy.

Ralph said...

Glad the pain in your back is not as bad... Thanks for a really hot set of pics today.

Anonymous said...

Get WELL soon, Stan! -Axiom

Anonymous said...

#2/#3 I'd like to join them and/or trade places!

#4 ...would love to overdose on that!

#5 I'll give you a hot tongue bath!

#7 Let share! Two tongues are better than one!

#8 May I give you a hand?

#9 They can join me for a torrid 3WAY! DAMN!

#10 What a hot, friggin' facial! Watch the eyes!

karl said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you can still enjoy the holiday Koba?

Now I need cock and balls in mouth today (ah heck, why is today different than any other day,lol)

So I'm liking what I see in pic's 2,3,7 and 10!!

Stan said...

take it easy.

tonyitalian1951 said...

Koba, back pain is truly a pain in the back. I went thru it many years ago and finally had to have surgery, but I was only 28 then. Thank goodness I have been fine ever since. I am now 63.

tonyitalian1951 said...

Incidentally Koba, one question, do you like my picture ?

Anonymous said...

Holy examination Batman, I think he hit the young man's button.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, the young pretty boy blond lad is making the rugged dude very hard. Nice cock on him, hope blonde finishes him. Pic#9

Anonymous said...

I like 'em ALL!!!