Saturday, October 19, 2013

Because we can never have too much of Ben Cohen, right?


O!Daddie now at said...

what a MAN!!

karl said...

YES We can NEVER have enough Ben Cohen! His wife's such a lucky cunt having his cock all to herself every night.
And Hes on Strictly Come Dancing tomight!
Im watching him right now, hes gorgeous!
If I was on the show with Ben theyd have to rename it Strictly CUM DRINKING!

TornJeans said...

Yeh! Whot a hunk! Woof!

Koba said...

LOL! Karl, you crack me up! Wish I could seem him on SCD!

Anonymous said...

Scott said:

Oh Koba, your too kind to us..

Thanks dude, he is in my eyes the perfect gentleman.. great manners and looks.

Oh Gentle Ben, I wish I could have watched you shave, shower, and get dressed in that tux.. Woof, Woof

Again Koba, I'll go out on a limb, and say we ALL thank you..

Anonymous said...

Just noticed Karl's comment. Karl how's his dancing going? If he dances like he looks, he will win for sure:)

And I agree, his wife is one lucky lady, I wonder if she knows how many of us lust after him, and how lucky she is to have that hairy hunk in her bed to keep her warm.

And wifey-poo, if your not giving him, ah, um, ah, (well just let's say attention) we would be more than happy to take of his "manly" needs.

See what you got started Koba!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at that chest, those arms, his "traps" his shoulders, those nips.. his boyish good looks.

Yup, pic#5

Enlarge the pic.. Yummy

Anonymous said...

A Royal Flush in Poker is like a well dressed man in a black and white tux wearing a great smile.

I think you can find the pic on your

Ray's Cowboy said...

WOOF on Ben.


Anonymous said...


Koba, you gave us 8 pics of Sweetie Ben, so I give you 8 right on's..

If you gave us 10 there would be ten Right's!!!!


Anonymous said...

oops just counted my rights I gave Ben an extra one Koba, so you have to give us another pic. Sorry..

Stan said...

A Dreamboat!

Anonymous said...

I would spread my legs for "Gentle Ben" anytime, he got his animalistic urges flowing thru his hairy hunky body. Enough said!!

karl said...

His SCD dances are apparently on YouTube so straight over there then[!].
Lovely pics of Ben - but oh he is a cock tease. We have all these fake photoshopped pics of him nude but no real actual naked pics of him, shame.
Getting quite frustrated with him now - come on, Ben do a nude shoot, hairy ass an' all but more importantly... GET YOUR COCK OUT!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, "Big Ben", Gentle Ben", shows us that hairy arse.. Just do it for all us MEN..