Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Ramifications!


Anonymous said...

Nice, real nice post today Koba..

Thanks for the gym reminder, Hot shower pic# 3..

And that will be me in pic# 7, I'm leaving for Ogunquit Maine, for a couple of days (nice little gay resort), where at this time of year, you never know it could snow at night...lol.. but hope to find a furry bear to keep me warm:):)

Ah, heck, hopefully I will be in pics 1,4,5,8,and 10, in some capacity up there:):)

TornJeans said...

Ram indeed! Love the first pic!

Bill S said...

Would love to suck Leo... Great cocksucker there! Obviously!!!

Stan said...

Excellent way to start the month off!

Koba said...

Hey Anon! I know Ogunquit well, been there many times, though not recently. (We used to stay at The Ogunquit House, a B & B owned by Tom Tighe.) While I'm sure you won't be swimming there this time of year (the water is cold enough in the summer!), I don't think you'll have to pack your snowpants either ;-) Should be very nice there with the fall colours. Enjoy!

karl said...

Leo Giamani...fuck, wheres HE been?!?

Anonymous said...

Koba, just got home from Ogunquit.

The weather was beautiful, temps in the 80o's.. I did walk along the beach, The temps did cool off rapidly in the evening, and yes I found a "Bear", that kept me warm one night.

Koba glad you spent many a good times up there, Tim's name sounds familiar, and I have passed the Ogunquit House many times, but never have stayed there, they say it's very nice.

Perkins Cove was beautiful, and as always I have to walk the Marginal Way.

Upstairs of the Front Porch was closed but the downstars bar was open.

I have not been in 9 yrs, so it has changed a little, but I always have a great time in Ogunquit.

If we shall ever meet up there, I would love to buy you and your friend a drink and dinner, for all the hard work you do for us on this blog..

I hope you see this post!!