Monday, August 5, 2013

Russian brothers! Русские братья!

How can we help you? Как мы можем вам помочь?


Upton King said...

Wow. I really, truly thought that was a pic of a young Marlon Brando. Hmmm. Did Brando spend a lot of time in Russia? - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Anonymous said...

Scott says,

My first thought also, that this was a pic of a young Marlon Brando? So who is exactly is this young man?

Koba said...

Upton and Scott, you guys are probably right. Probably is Brando - he was amazingly hot when he was young! It was the look of concern here that I wanted to get across - to reflect my concern with respect to what is hapenning in Russia at present.

karl said...

Isnt there a rare picture of someone looking like Brando sucking cock? Some say its a fake and others say its some other man who bears the same resemblance... I dunno..

The idea of a young Brando sucking cock tho - enough to put me into a coma just thinking about it!