Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alcide Abs!


Anonymous said...

The dude sure is a looker for sure, and he must have to work very hard for those abs of steel.

Please, don't hate me for this (maybe I am envious), naw I would be lying, I do like my men with some meat on their bones, so a little around the middle (suits me just fine.

Again a great looking dude, that most likely attracts men everywhere he goes.

Hope I am not banned Koba?

Ray's Cowboy said...

True Blood WearWolf. I would gladly be part of his pack. just to watch him undress. I would love to service him as well.


karl said...

We never get a full-frontal of what must be the HOTTEST man EVER EVER EVER EVER on television.
Last season on 'True Blood' we did get a quick glimpse but many refute it was Alcice's full-frontal, it was so brief. It could've been a body double. dammit.
I wish we could see his cock...just once, just ONCE ONCE ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[shakes fists at the fates].