Saturday, February 1, 2020



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) I love men and I love dogs, so this pic is right up by alley:)Woof, Woof!!

#2) "Scott bringing his buddy breakfast in bed, because of the great time he had last night feasting on those tasty toes and rubbing against those nice beautiful hairy legs." Yummy!!!

#3) Just enough room handsome, to get between your hunky legs and give you some nice head!!

#4) Heck ya, first a sniff of the pit, then some nibbling on this nips, then on that beautiful stiff cock. What a shiny knob!!

#5) Oh man, I'm so in the mood for some nice dark meat:):)

#6) Young man, please let me do the choke hold on your cock:)

#7) There's my handsome young man. Whatever your wear Solomon, you look great. Woof, I do love your well placed manly hair. Thanks Koba

#8) "I know it wouldn't take long before Scott noticed my cock out"

#9) Holy Meat-Stick batman, I'm getting hungry!!

#10) That a boy, keep that cockhead nice and clean. Wow, what a beautiful "treasure trail"!!

Thanks Koba

Butch 57 said...

Enjoy The first of February I!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I enjoyed this entire set, especially the first pic... woof! Get it.. woof? Okay I'm not quitting my day job.