Friday, February 14, 2020

Thank God it's Friday!

And Happy Valentine's Day, you horny boyz!


bignate said...

Be mine, #1

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy Valentine's day to everyone. I certainly hope love is in the air.

#1) Hey you gym cutie, bring your "heart-on" over to my side locker, and I'll show you some loving!!

#2) Hey show off cutie, loving that nice long dong of yours:)

#3) Oh yes on Valentine's Day, you must have some sweet dark chocolate:)!!

#4) Skip the candy and the flowers, just give my what he's having for Valentine's Day.

#5) That's the ticket, something hot and hairy for Valentine's Day!!

#6) Smashed "nuts" on Valentine's day is a no-no:(

#7) Perfect pits!! Woof

#8) Now these boys know how to spend a nice Valentine's Day afternoon.

#9) Don't snap it buddy boy, someone will come along and give you some holiday car head.

#10) Yup tonight, I plan on having "creme da cock" !!

Thanks Koba

Just maybe, just maybe, a "caption this" Valentine's Say edition!!!

Koba said...

As always, Scott, your wish is my command! Happy Valentine's Day!