Monday, February 17, 2020

Back to the grind, or a holiday Monday for some (like me)


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Right you are Koba, President's Day here in the US. Koba did you just have the day off, or is it an official holiday in Canada? Maybe I should not be so lazy and look it up, my friend.

#1) Yes, yes, yes, I finally hit the gym today and saw some heavenly sights like this. That is one nice thick dong you have handsome.

#2) Now that's a hairy sight, worth waking up for. Love what's hanging between your wet hairy legs:)

#3) Guys if the boss isn't around, why don't you "help" each other out with a BJ?? What you never tasted the sausage before? Trust it isn't bad at all.

#4) After your demonstration, handsome, come over to my place, and I'll take care of those fantastic blue balls of yours:)

#5) Wow, that log would certainly keep me warm on a cold winter's day:):)

#6) Very, nice way to spend your lunch break!!

#7) Oh you little cutie you. Love to shove you on that bed, pull your sweats all the way down, and chow on that delicious cock.

#8) LOL.. Love to be at this urinal, grabbing a wang or two:)

#9) That a boy, be proud of that pit hair, and your growing muscles.

#10) I know where my tongue is going:)

Thanks Koba

Unknown said...

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