Saturday, December 7, 2019



bignate said...

Woof, #4!

Anonymous said...


Butch 57 said...

Like to see more of no 3

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Woof, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Hey young handsome lad, can I have a few snippets of your hair to put on my baby smooth ass? I would ask it for the top of my head, but that's becoming a lost cause. Besides Bald men are so darn sexy.

#2) Wow, look at that nice deep fur leading to his "treasure trail". Oh would I love to get on his cock and balls:)

#3) BONER ALERT!! LMAO, didn't see this BEAR pic coming, but my cock is pointing North due NORTH!! Bear's will do anything when they are hungry for cock. Heck I'm warm your nuts off first and then you can f--k me. Yes I make exceptions.

#4) Indeed young man, I can identify, I have gotten down on all fours to pleasure many a men. You lucky bastard you.

#5) I have seen this dude before, and all I can say is, he so darn ADORABLE!! I mean he has a great body, hair in all the right places, but it's that smile that makes him so SEXY!!

#6) Now these two cozy men, are going to stay nice warm today and tonight!!

#7) Their's my handsome manly long haired guy. Be patient, I'm coming right over to get in between your legs.

#8) Those eyes, that smile, that bicep. Hey handsome you can pose for me anytime.

#9) Yup, got a few beers in him, and handsome lost all inhibitions. Heck I don't mind.

#10) F--k ya, you tickle my balls like that, and I'll probably shoot a nice warm "nut" in my mouth.

Thanks Koba

Bruce Jensen said...

Butch 57 and I will be getting to know hunk #3 inch by inch by inch.
I likes me a hairy man

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