Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Thursday Hotness posting Koba!!

#1) Move over hairy handsome, I'm coming over, I'm cold!! Officially it's not even winter here, and we've had 3 storms. Yikes!!

#2) Boys in the sun, always fun!!

#3) Heck ya, your ready, I'm cold, get those hairy balls banging into me!!

#4) Hey tattooed dude, nice sniff nips, nice arms, and that is quite the dong you have on ya!!

#5) Hey you lucky cocksucker, I'm coming over to help you out!!

#6) I knows it's the universal peace sign, but I'm going to take it another way. I think you want someone to come over, get between your spread legs, lick those sweet balls of yours, and then tongue your "pucker". Have a feeling you want have any trouble at all, finding someone.

#7) Oh boy, is my mouth watering for that warm cock in my mouth!!

#8) Well handsome, I know the cold weather gave you a nice stiff nip, but it certainly didn't give you any "shrinkage". YUMMY!!


#10) Wow!! Don't clean up!! I'm cold and horny, so I'll do the cleanup, for ya, and then we can cuddle and you can keep me warm!!

Thanks Koba

bignate said...

It's getting warm in here ...