Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday Ramifications!


Machos Taludos said...

Let's exchange links? if you are interested leave a comment on my blog that I add your blog to my favorites. Links: https://machostaludos.blogspot.com/


Pelota3 said...

#1: the one in the middle can pound me in the back in doggy style, while the one the left is making my mouth busy and the one on the right is jacking himself while watching us.

#2 go on guys, entertain me!

#3 show me what you got!

#4 if you need lubricant I'm here to help!

#5 nice daddy, I wanna feel that strong arms around me... or take me from behind if you wish!

#6 can I join you guys??

#7 don't exercise alone! Ask help that buddy behind you!

#8 same as with #5 wit both of you the same time as well ;)

#9 don't be shy, that nice piece of meat needs your attention!

#10 let me clean all that stuff for you ;)

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications here today Koba!!

#1) Yes indeed, I do like me some Big Boys in every way. Woof!!

#2) Boys in Boxers give me a Boner:)

#3) Beautiful Backside Big Boy, especially your BUTT!!

#4) You keep banging that bottom, and I'll take care of your very hairy manly balls and butt!!

#5) I want this hunky handsome dude between my legs licking my balls, while I have a hand on his bald head to keep him down there:)

#6) OH cocksucker don't waste time looking at us, get on that piece of meat:)

#7) I WANT both these sweaty big boys after their workout, but BEFORE they shower!!!:)

#8) Oh please let me take a tumble with you handsome, in that cozy bed of yours.

#9) GO FOR IT!!! I don't think he would mind one bit:)

#10) Hey handsome, now be careful on those slippery rocks. Now go in and clean that fine mess you made. I'll join you in a bit, to get on those sniff nips of yours!!

Thanks Koba

Ezekiel said...

That surprised look on #10's face is really turning me on man. It looks like he didn't expect to get caught with cum on his abs in the middle of the forest.