Saturday, November 25, 2017


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Man, I wouldn't mind one bit, snuggling up, with this hairy chested cutie:) Woof

#2) Ah, playful boys in the car:)

#3) Hell yeah, My head has been between open hairy legs plenty of times:) Getting hard just looking at this pic:) When we are hungry we will drop to our knees!!!

#4) Love to have a game of 8-ball, with this Alpha male:) Man he wears those boxer briefs very well:)

#5) Wow, I don't need a cup of coffee to wake me up, when I'm looking at this fine specimen:) Nice nip, and that is some nice "packing" going on in those tighty whities:)

#6) Yup, there be legs spread, and penetration when there is love abound, and these guys look like their in love:):)

#7) I wish I know where this little hide-a-way was, I'd love to take care of this young man:)

#8) Oh buddy, Please after the match, let me take care of your aching blue balls of yours:)

#9) Mercy me, when I hit the gym today, I want to be as lucky as this cocksucker. I do love me some loose nuts:)

#10) Anyone "up" for some frozen yogurt?????? Yummy

Thanks Koba