Friday, November 10, 2017

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Tremendous TGIF posting Koba!!

#1) Oh baby, Koba, you made my day!!! This is how the "gang showers" are at my gym, except we have the same amount on the opposite side. So for me, it's a win-win, I can discreetly look at cock, ass, legs, backs, chests (um, just let's say all the manly body parts for a man that loves ALL of a mans body:)

#2) I have jacked with a dude in the locker room, sauna, shower, plenty of times. JUST KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!! AND be quick:) No chit-chatting about last night's hockey game, UNLESS, someone opens the door to the sauna, that is a fuddy-duddy:(

#3) This hairy dude, is trying to hit his button:)

#4) Now that's going deep into that warm hairy hole:)

#5) Oh my, on a hot humid day in August, come visit me buddy boy. Ah heck, come over now, and I'll show you what I can do with my tongue to all of your hairy parts especially those nice fat balls:)

#6) Is it Thanksgiving already? What would I taste first, if I was invited to this gathering?:):):)

#7) Nice legs handsome, and those balls are not to shabby either:)

#8) The receiver of this BJ is one lucky bastard. He's getting his cock sucked, and gets to look in that cocksucker beautiful eyes:)

#9) A new day has risen:)

#10) Yup, what are friends for:):) Wouldn't mind that cute beefy dude jerking me off:)

Thanks Koba