Saturday, November 4, 2017



Anonymous said...

Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) I don't know what caught my eye first, the yellow bananas, or that nice hard red banana:)

#2) Heck ya, I'm such a voyeur, I wouldn't mind one bit watching these bicyclists:)

#3) Pour me a cup of coffee, make me some breakfast, and THEN, I will take care of you:)

#4) Now that's what I want in my bed tonight, but Naked. A big bicep tall dude, with long legs.

#5) Love to "smoke" his link sausage:)

#6) Oh my, another event, I wound't mind watching or even participating in. Looks like a lot of fun. Hot men and women there:) Yes every now and then I get a "hankering" for some tits and pussy. Opps, hoped I'm don't banned form Koba's blog.

#7) Sweet mercy, that's a log and a half:):)

#8) Handsome dude chopping, just be very careful, buddy boy. That's a nice piece of meat you have:)

#9) Now that dude know how to suck a cock or two:)

#10) Oh my, someone made a nice gooey mess in their gym shorts:)

Thanks Koba

Axiom2001 said...

It's Sunday and I am just viewing and savoring. Numbers 1---4---7---8---&---9---and---10 definitely caught my eye. Next weekend I want to spend lots of time with each one, 1-1 then explode into one gigantic state of euphoric in one hell of a fuck fest, gang bang!

Cy said...

I can't remember the last time I chopped vegetables in the nude.