Friday, March 22, 2019

Thank God it's Friday!


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Chris Adames said...

Hey Koba… I hope that is your picture in the "About Me" section. Very Nice!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

I'm a day late, but GREAT, TGIF posting Koba!! High winds and about 2 inches of snow overnight..Yikes and it's SPRING. Only going to get in the mid 30's at best.

#1) I can't read the language on the locker room walls. But in English I know how to say "AWESOME ARMS", good looking"!!!:):)

#2) Heavenly sight coming out of that shower. I bet it took a little "longer" to clean that fine slab of meat you own:)

#3) Hey if you only want to put your balls thru the GH, that's fine. I'll make them do some "ballroom dancing" with my tongue:)

#4) I like this bulging stripe animal:)

#5) That a boy, clean the mess that YOU made, you hungry "cocksucker" you:)

#6) OH Big Boy, you don't even have to call me, Just come over:)

#7) Paddy Cakes know how to make a beefy tattooed dude, Go AHHHHHHH!!!!

#8) Yup, I'm with you buddy, I had a nice "medium thickie" in my mouth last night:) Hey buddy you going to take his "protein shake"? I did

#9) At the gym, finger near his hole, tight grip on his cock. This gym rat, knows what he likes:)

#10) You earned that facial handsome:)

Thanks Koba