Saturday, January 12, 2019



bignate said...

That reminds me I need to get my car washed ...

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Wonderful Weekender's here Koba!!

#1) OH your a bad, bad boy, teasing a hungry cocksucker like that. PLEASE give it to him, he WANTS it, he NEEDS it, or he will not be able to think straight for the rest of the day:(

#2) Indeed, if you definitely know, that you can play, by all means go for it.. I know it's "hard" to resist seeing a nice boner in the locker room, but NOT everyone would agree. Now that the coast is clear, ENJOY:):)

#3) Ah, the massaging and parting of the beautiful butt cheeks. Oh yes indeed something will be going in that quivering "pucker"..

#4) You will need more than that "potholder" to dry off you beautiful hairy body. Can you wait a minute? I'll be over to dry you off:)

#5) That's right Big Boy, that's me coming up the balcony stairs. Your finally going to find out, how another man can lick another man from HEAD TO TOE. Every NOOK AND CRANNIE:):) I'm hoping you just came back from a 2 mile jog, and have not showered yet!!!

#6) Hey young man, you got some pretty big feet there.. UM, AH, UMMM, what are you doing, after you washed your car?

#7) Very interesting bedroom, with some intriguing do-dads!! Love to take a romp in the hay with you, in your comfory looking bed. Then we can just lie and talk and you can tell me about them.

#8) Hell ya, dinner is served:):)

#9) Passionate kiss, most likely will lead to some very passionate love making. Guys have a nice night, as you cuddle afterwards in bed.

#10) Hell ya, you give me some "ballroom dancing", you never know where my load is going to land:)

Thanks Koba